Yes, I authored the chart that killed Hillarycare.

On Friday, a conservative blogger made an accusation regarding my involvement in stopping Hillary Clinton’s healthcare proposal back in the early 90s when I was a fellow in former Senator Arlen Specter’s office (R-PA), insisting that I have overstated my role and plagiarized a graph used to stop Hillarycare.

The basis of these accusations stems from a CSPAN video in January 1994 where my boss at the time, former Senator Specter, credited Sharon Helfant (whom I never worked with) for creating a chart (I never saw) to help explain how bad Hillarycare was for American taxpayers.

August 10, 1994 (which was also on CSPAN): *Specter asks for Advise and Consent to admit McCann admit to the Floor during the Health Care Debate.

September 15, 1994: Letter from Barry H. Caldwell, Arlen Specter’s Chief of Staff to Dr. James Spady, Fels Center of Government, acknowledging McCann’s active involvement in defeating Hillarycare:

“In the summer of 1994, the Senate rejected the Clinton proposal to take over one-seventh of the entire U.S. economy in large measure because of John McCann’s charts and graphs which clearly showed the flaws and weakness of the proposal,” the statement reads. “My colleagues and I not only appreciated John’s insightful approach to a complex issue but, in reviewing his work, I learned also that he was a person people could trust.”

September 27, 1994: Former Senate Majority Leader John Mitchell declares Hillarycare dead.

The work I did against Hillarycare helped save both the American economy and healthcare system from a terrible idea.

All accusations against my character or statements minimizing my role in stopping Hillarycare are clearly fabrications, mistruths, and/or fake news.

This timeline demonstrates it was my chart that was part of debate in the Senate—not the one referenced by the fake news media.

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