Make America Well Again

The American healthcare system is sick. It is wasteful. It is shamefully barely mediocre in quality and outcomes compared to the rest of the developed world despite being twice as expensive. And, it is failing far too many Americans.

How could this happen?

Just like you can’t fix your broken car by refinancing it, you can’t fix a broken healthcare delivery system by restructuring the insurance industry. You sure can’t fix anything by adding 20,000 pages of new regulations, no matter how much money you prop it up with.

There is a better way. By transforming healthcare from a managing sickness model to a preserving wellness model, we can achieve much higher quality, far better results and cut hundreds of billions in waste every year.

It’s just common sense. Healthy people aren’t expensive to care for. Instead of taxing them, if we focus resources on slowing, stopping or reversing the progression of chronic disease, our grandparents, parents, children, families and friends are and stay healthier. Happier. And in our lives.

Sick care is not healthcare, it is damage control.

Unleashing the American spirit of creativity, enterprise and invention doesn’t take much. Just like removing outmoded and counterproductive regulations has brought our economy to life, doing the same for healthcare will spur its reinvention for our times. Rewarding health care professionals for keeping people well is a game changer and ensuring that they are cared for when they are not puts the focus in the right place.

Health care insurers can only manage price, enriching some and starving others. Both are bad for people. Physicians are the best prepared and equipped to manage spending. Put them in charge, and they will invest in making people healthy and keeping them that way. Keep health care insurers responsible for sick care, and make sure they do.

The most important person to oversee all of healthcare services for their patients – primary care physicians. They know medicine. They know which specialists, ancillary care providers and hospitals are the best. They have trained to be clinical managers. The present system has relegated them to an endless assembly line of patients just to keep the lights on and buried them in regulatory compliance and busy-work. Free them, provide the resources, and good things happen.

I will fight for legislation to make this all happen. The failed policies of the past are literally killing us. My mission is to end that. And, I will.

John McCann for Congress