John McCann Named “On the Radar” Candidate for NRCC’s Young Guns Program

Today the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) named John McCann, running for Congress in New Jersey’s 5th congressional district, to their “Young Guns” program.

For the past four election cycles, the NRCC has required candidates to hit specific goals throughout the cycle to ensure their campaigns remain competitive, well-funded and communicative within their districts.

“Today’s announcement confirms what everyone on the ground in New Jersey already knows, Congressman Gottheimer is extremely vulnerable and he fears running against John McCann,” said Campaign Co-Chairman Rob Pettet. “Republicans are primed for victories all over the country this fall, and it starts with winning back this district.”

“I look forward to continuing to communicate and work with the NRCC to ensure that dangerous liberal Josh Gottheimer becomes a one-term wonder,” stated John McCann.

John McCann for Congress