Immigration & Border Security

As Americans, we are proud of our rich immigrant history and understand the need to reform immigration law. But New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy plans to make New Jersey a Sanctuary State for illegal immigrants—handcuffing law enforcement from working with federal immigration officials to arrest illegal immigrants convicted of VIOLENT CRIMES living in our communities.

How could the Democrats be so irresponsible? Sanctuary City laws endanger our communities, and I will not stand by as politicians posture for reelection risking you and your loved ones’ lives. Our incredible state cannot be a sanctuary for violent criminals.

Proud of my immigrant heritage, I will lead the fight in Congress to protect our families by:

  • Stopping the liberal Democrats in the D.C. and NJ swamps from blocking our President’s commonsense plan to fight illegal immigration.
  • Working to secure the border and ports of entry.
  • Blocking terrorists, gangs, and drugs from entering this country.
  • Voting to end the Diversity Visa Lottery and Chain Migration.
  • Working to create Merit-Based immigration so we’re only taking in the best and brightest from around the world.

Securing our border and protecting Americans shouldn’t come down to partisan politics. It is our government’s primary job to protect Americans but the elites have been failing us, year after year.

Let’s elect someone who will finally fight to protect all of our country’s citizens.

John McCann for Congress