Gottheimer Campaigns With Taxpayer Dollars

Rep. Josh Gottheimer is in hot water on Wednesday when his office was exposed sending campaign-related e-mails with government accounts in clear violation of House Ethics Rules.

Gottheimer’s office sent out campaign e-mails touting that he’s raised more than $3 million since the end of his 2016 campaign, most of which was raised outside the state of New Jersey and his congressional district.

North Jersey reported, “Rules laid out in the House Ethics Manual say that emails like that should not come from government accounts, which must be used only for official House business. The rules specifically bar using House equipment and time for campaign press releases and “the creation or issuance of a campaign mailing.”

Republican John McCann was quick to slam Gottheimer’s office.

“The blatant disregard for House Ethics Rules is surprising from Gottheimer,” McCann said. “He’s the type that believes politicians are held to one standard while everyone else has to play by the rules. It’s time the people of New Jersey’s 5th Congressional District had a representative who didn’t abuse taxpayer dollars and actually worked for the people.”

John McCann for Congress