Foreign Policy

Support our military

As our incredible Defense Secretary James Mattis has said, “No enemy in the field has done more to harm the readiness of our military than sequestration.”

I will work with our President to invest in our military so they are fully equipped to protect our great country and our allies. We must roll back the Obama Administration’s cuts to defense spending—which have crippled our ability to defend ourselves, forcing our incredible servicemen and women to use outdated equipment.

Jerusalem as Capital of Israel

When President Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, I applauded this historic decision. After eight years of the Obama Administration’s anti-Israel policies, it’s time to restore our unwavering support and defense of Israel—our greatest ally.

North Korea

In order to truly Make America Safe Again, we must address North Korean aggression. When you send me to Congress, I will work with our President to stop North Korea from becoming a nuclear power. We must strengthen our support for allies in the region as well as use economic influence to spur action by the Chinese government.

Rocket Man is no match for American leadership.


The Obama Administration’s Iran deal is a national disgrace—rolling back sanctions on the Iranian regime as the nation continues to be a state sponsor of terrorism, advancing both ballistic missile and nuclear weapons programs.

I will work with our President to address all national security threats as we fight to eradicate radical Islamic terror.

John McCann for Congress